There wasn't just one, but two parades in Houston Friday.

Thousands went out to the one downtown, but for those over at TIRR Memorial Hermann who couldn’t make it to the big celebration, that celebration came to them.

It doesn’t take much to make a party over at TIRR Memorial Hermann - all you need are some balloons, a few banners and maybe a Verlander.

"It was our turn, it was our time, and we endeavored to persevere," TIRR patient and Astros Fan Diana Carreon said.

Nothing was going to keep Diana Carreon from celebrating with her boys. She may be in a rehab hospital, but that doesn’t matter.

“We couldn’t be there, at least we’re with them in heart and spirit," Carreon said.

And what’s a party without a parade? The hospital organized their own downtown celebration.

“Most of our patients have been through a lot along with the rest of houston and they cant enjoy or be part of a lot of things so we’re trying to bring of little bit of the norm back to them," TIRR Memorial Hermann Occupational Therapist Marah Carranco said.

The team at TIRR plotted the route, steered in the floats, and even invited their favorite players.

“To make them feel like they’re not stuck in a patient rehab hospital and doing therapy. It just gives them that motivation to continue to work hard with us," Carranco said.

The standing, the waving and even the blowing are actually all forms of rehab, but it was the celebration that they needed the most.

“It was beautiful for the people of Houston. We’ve been through so much together, and this is what we believed in so it happened," Carreon said.