The Allen Center in downtown Houston recently got a modern makeover and there’s one new addition that’s turning heads.

It’s a security robot that already has a few nicknames.

“Officer Brooks is one name I’ve heard. R2D2. K5. We have the security staff refer to it as K5,” said Darin Sewell, Security Account Manager for Brookfield Properties.

The Knightscope robot is equipped with 360 degree cameras. It is always patrolling and recording around the property’s courtyard, called The Acre.

The 400-pound robot gives security another set of eyes.

“Someone is actually watching the video,” he explained. “Or if a tenant is walking by, or a visitor is walking by and they see something they deem suspicious or a little out of place, they can approach the robot. They can press the intercom, then we get a live feed back from that robot to our console,” he explained.

However, most passersby go up to the robot for another reason.

“Selfies. Mostly selfies,” said Sewell.

Management says it’s been a great security enhancement, but not a replacement for the real thing.

“Never. Robots will never replace people,” Sewell said.

The public is encouraged to visit The Acre at The Allen Center to take pictures using the hashtag #OfficerBrooks.