You may have seen a familiar face or two in one Super Bowl commercial Sunday night. That’s because you’ve seen their stories right here on KHOU 11 News.

Several local heroes were featured in a MassMutual commercial singing the praises of unsung heroes.

Of all the heroes across the country, and the six stories featured in that commercial, three of them are from Texas - all near Houston.

Victor Hubbard had been living on a street corner for more than a year when Ginger Sprouse suddenly walked into his life.

“I decided I needed to stop and find out why he was there," Sprouse said in the commercial.

Today, it’s been almost a year since Sprouse and her family invited Hubbard to live with them in their home.

“I can honestly say in that whole year, I’ve never seen him have a bad day. I've never seen him angry, grumpy, upset, irritable. He’s just a joyful person," Sprouse said.

“She did something that people normally wouldn’t do," Hubbard said.

Their story, told by KHOU last March, was heard around the country and handpicked by MassMutual to be featured in their Super Bowl commercial.

“All of those people said the same thing: We didn’t do anything extraordinary. We just stepped up and led the charge," Sprouse said.

Sprouse and Hubbard got to meet the heroes they were featured alongside with at a special New Year's ceremony in New York.

Among them were rescuers on boats, risking their lives to save strangers stranded by Harvey's floodwaters, along with a community in Texas' Crossroads.

After the Victoria mosque was torched to the ground, the Jewish Synagogue welcomed the suddenly homeless Muslims into their house of worship.

In the entire 2-minute commercial, three of the six stories told featured these heroic Texans and their selfless hearts.

Sprouse says Hubbard is invited to live with them as long as he wants. He is now part of their family. He also has a job now working at Chick-fil-A.