Her photo is the talk of Twitter. A terrified, young girl attacked by goose caught on camera.

But the victim, Summer Gidden, wants no one to worry.

“It’s funny,” she said.

Summer was not hurt, scratched or bruised. However, thanks to her neighbor’s husband who snapped photos of the attack, and Summer’s sister, Stevie, who posted pictures on Twitter, Summer is a star.

Photos online have been viewed more than 50,000 times.

“She’s famous,” Stevie Gidden said. “I knew (Summer) would be one day. A lot of people are relating to it. I’m talking to my friends on Twitter (who) are saying, 'This is why I hate ducks,' or 'This is why I hate geese.'”

Twice a year, flocks of geese nests on homes, neighbors said. Before they left on Sunday, a neighbor managed to snap a series of photos of children chasing the animals down the street. The geese then returned the favor.

“I was the slowest,” Summer said.

One goose caught and pinned Summer to the ground. She screamed and cried until Tonya, her neighbor and hero, stepped in.

“She picked me up and took me home,” Summer said.

Stevie shared her neighbor’s photos on Twitter for others to enjoy and laugh. She never imagined thousands would comment.

As for Summer, she is glad to be in the spotlight.