SPLENDORA, Texas — A Splendora woman says her diamond ring was ruined after attempting to get it resized by the same jewelers she bought it from.

The damage is barely visible by the naked eye, but Kimberly Usher says it’s enough to make her ring lose significant monetary value.

Usher took her ring to Samuels Jewelers to have it resized last week, but was contacted Wednesday about a fracture in one corner of the one carat diamond.

She says she barely parts with the ring, but figured she could put her trust with the people who sold her the ring and the warranty.

“I dropped it off, the girl looked at the ring, told me all about the ring, told me it was beautiful,” said Usher.

As Usher puts it, there was no mention of an issue. Then she got a phone call.

“She basically said they didn’t take any responsibility for it. She tried to say it was like that when it was dropped off when it was not,” said Usher.

We talked off camera with the same sales manager who told us, they sent the ring to an offsite jeweler, who first noticed the fracture. He sent the ring back, saying he refused to work on something damaged.

Even if it wasn’t damaged, any other time, Samuels Jewelers said they would honor their warranty. That is if they hadn’t already filed for bankruptcy.

“Now it’s just kind of like, here’s your property back. It’s been damaged. We throw our hands up and basically that’s it,” said Usher.

Not much for clarity and it’s for that reason, legal action could be on the horizon. Kimberly hopes sooner than later, before the store is no more.

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