The best-selling novel "To Selena with Love," written by Chris Perez about his relationship with the Latin music legend Selena Quintanilla Perez will be adapted to a television series, according to Perez's Facebook page.

The post, written as a press release, details how production companies Endemol Shine and Major TV will develop the series for both English and Spanish audiences.

The book, published in 2012, tells the couple's love story from his perspective, going beyond what had been depicted in the media up to that point.

“I spent several years keeping the memories of my late wife bottled up inside,” Perez is quoted in the post. “To Selena with Love allowed me to finally embrace my experience and understand the void it could fill in the hearts of so many others. I am now ready to take the important step of being fully transparent and bringing my everlasting relationship to life on the screen.”

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