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Only in Texas: Horse makes frequent visits to PetSmart in Richmond

Meanwhile in Richmond...a horse is getting attention for his frequent visits at a local pet store.

RICHMOND, Texas - It's unusual to see a horse inside any store, but at a PetSmart in Richmond, it's nothing out of the ordinary.

In a photo that's going viral on Reddit, a full-grown horse can be seen with a young man believed to be his owner.

Credit: Rachel Copeland

The two regularly go for walks and visit the store to cool off, PetSmart employees said.

They said as long as animals are on a leash and are not aggressive, they are welcome inside the store. The horse, named Pretty Boy, is apparently quite friendly and enjoys taking a break in the AC.

He also likes to hang out at other stores in the Market Center, like Mod Pizza.

"He's well-trained. Nice horse. Doesn't misbehave if you know what I mean." said Chris Dacosta, the General Manager of Mod Pizza.

"Young man came by with the horse, came by to have a few pizzas. While he was inside eating, the horse was the center of attention outside the restaurant." said Dacosta.

When the horse and his owner stroll up, it's a welcomed sight for employees in the center.

"Doesn't bother us at all. At MOD, we do things differently. We think outside the box and that's definitely outside the box." said Dacosta.

He's so popular, PetSmart employees posted pictures of the horse to Instagram, saying: “It’s not usual to see a horse at a pet store but for us it’s a casual thing! This guy, Pretty Boy, visits us quite often and we welcome him with cool air and fresh water!”

Credit: PetSmart

Ran by the Richmond Petsmart yesterday... 😳 from r/houston