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Behind its popular tourist attractions, Old Town Spring hides an eerie past

Houston Ghost Tours takes a look at the historic haunted locations.

SPRING, Texas — A historic railroad settlement from the 1800s, Old Town Spring has transformed into a top-rated tourist attraction with its popular restaurants and Victorian-style shops.

However, these pleasantly manicured streets are hiding an eerie past.

There is a lot of history at places like Wunsche Brothers Café and Saloon. That’s why we have Sol with Houston Ghost Tours as our guide.

Originally a hotel, brothel and saloon, this historical landmark opened in 1902 and is said to be haunted by one of the original owners, Charlie Wunsche.

“We have a lot of apparitions that appear up here,” Sol said. “People believe Mr. Wunsche to still be up here as well as other wonderful women who used to work up here as well.”

Adding to the fright, in 2015, a mysterious fire broke out at the business.

“It seems that as soon as Wunsches opened up again, you could actually see the silhouette of what looks like a man from this window right here,” Sol said.

Down the street there’s another building with a haunted past.

“We are currently at Mallot’s,” Sol said. “Before it was this cute little shop you see before you, this was actually our town bank…this actually was the site of a horrible robbery slash murder that took place in the 1930s. Now it is rumored that it could be a very famous duo, who was doing a lot of famous bank robberies at that time in Texas.” 

That’s right. It may have been Bonnie and Clyde!         

“This is actually a forensically-tested bullet hole,” Sol pointed out. “We do believe it to be from that robbery that took place, all those years ago. And sometimes we like to rub it for good luck.”

Next, a small space, but perhaps the scariest.

“We are actually walking into the old abandoned ice house. This is probably one of the spookiest spots on my tour,” Sol said. “I myself, don’t like to come in here at night.”

She said a lot of people on her tours feel a general uneasiness when they stop here.

“This is actually the sight where we kept a few bodies when the coroner didn’t have enough room in his shop to keep the bodies,” Sol said. “So if we were gonna feel anything, I’m very certain it would be here.”

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