At 23 days old, one Houston newborn already has quite a story to tell.

She rode out Hurricane Harvey at a Houston apartment with her parents. Then, trying to get the newborn to fresh air, the family evacuated to Florida.

That was before Hurricane Irma. Now, she’s less than a month old and has already survived two catastrophic hurricanes.

Snuggled up in her carseat, her lion by her side, there’s not a worry in the world for the little blue-eyed beauty, completely cavalier to the chaos around her.

“She crossed five states during the first two weeks of her life," Bruce Coane said.

Quite an adventurer this one, Gabriella Adele was born in Houston on Aug. 20, one week before he hit.

“We heard Harvey was coming, and we just hunkered down at our apartment here in Houston hoping for the best," Coane said.

The newborn rode out the storm with her parents in Houston, but then, they were worried.

“We were reading in the newspaper about chemical plants exploding and the chemical industry and oil and gas industry letting a lot of things in the air," Coane said.

Worried about what the baby was breathing, the three of them hit the road to Florida, more specifically, their condo in Miami.

“Let her breath a little fresher air," Coane said.

And enter Irma, a disastrous, deadly Category 4 hurricane just off the coast of Florida. With feedings at the gas station and diaper changes in the car, the family of three had to evacuate again.

“The closest hotel we could find was in a small town in Alabama," Coane said.

There were many firsts in her first days of life, but it was there in Alabama where she may have had her most important one.

“Gabriella likes watching the Texans, too," Coane said in a video.

At 6 pounds 15 ounces, this little girl is a survivor, and will have a big story to tell one day when she gets older.

“She’s a trooper. She has no excuses now. She did this at 3 weeks old, she has no excuses for anything," Jessica Coane said.