HOUSTON — Cable television’s newest reality show shines light on a Houston tattoo studio owned by a police officer.  

“Hero Ink” shares hair-raising stories first responders tell in the chair. It premieres on A&E June 6th.  

The show’s star thinks it is a life-changer for any viewer with a badge.

The show is unscripted.  

It unites artists, customers and one 25-year Houston Police veteran at Prison Break Tattoos on Washington Avenue. Clients share the kind of tributes the studio can no longer hold inside its mock jail setup.

“The public now gets a feel for what these guys go through,” BK Klev, owner of Prison Break Tattoos said. “It’s like humanizing the badge. It’s being able to tell a story and feeling comfortable telling that story for the world to hear.”

Starting June 6th, the new reality doc lets first responders getting inked tell their own stories of heroism. Producers bring it to life with body camera video, 911 calls and personal photos. It is the kind of outlet Klev never imagined when he opened the shop six years ago.

Back then, the HPD sergeant wanted to calm trouble. Years of seeing national law enforcement suicides outnumber line of duty deaths, pushed him to use his studio as an outlet. He caters to first responders. 

After flooding his Facebook page with emotional stories shared by customers and sharing his phone number, Klev said people too proud or too embarrassed to seek counseling called him.

“I get calls from officers all over the country (some at) two in the morning crying,” he said. “They just want someone to talk to. They just want someone to tell them, hey, things are going to be alright. You’ve got someone to talk to. You can always get a hold of me.”

Klev’s new platform gives him even greater reach. His studio gets a television audience and a chance to connect viewers to heroes and heroes to the outlet some need.