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NATURE'S GYM: Fiorenza Park

The park wraps around “an amazing, huge lake" and many species of birds nest on the islands in the middle of the lake.

HOUSTON — When an email starts off “You will love this park,” it’s always a good sign. Kimber told me to visit Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza Park just off the Westpark Tollway and Eldridge Parkway and she wasn't wrong.

When I pulled up this weekend and saw all the cars parked there, I thought, "No way." But what’s really nice about the park is that there’s so much space, it doesn’t get too crowded.

Fiorenza Park wraps around what Kimber describes as “an amazing, huge lake,” adding that many species of birds nest on the islands in the middle of the lake. You can tell it’s a favorite with birdwatchers based on all the photos posted on Instagram.

Something else I spotted online that makes this a true Nature’s Gym: just how many miles you can log on the trails. This person racked up more than 6 miles and didn’t even go around the north part of the lake.

Training for elevation here in Houston can be really hard because it’s just so difficult to find in our area. But if you are looking for a hill, this park has one. That was a big find for this runner, who says a hill repeat workout usually means a treadmill, parking lot or bridge. Now you can just cruise to Fiorenza Park instead!

When you wear yourself out, grab a seat on a perfectly placed swing to soak up the view. 

Where should I visit next? Send me your recommendations! Email me at bsmith@khou.com or message me on Twitter or Facebook.