HOUSTON — When you’re sitting behind the president during the State of the Union speech, you’re bound to get plenty of attention. Especially if you’re wearing a bright blue and red statement necklace.

Nancy Pelosi’s eye-catching necklace was seen by tens of millions of viewers during the 82-minute speech. Twitter was loving it but we can’t show you the tweets because most were R-rated.

The pop of color was even more noticeable with Pelosi’s all-white suit that she and fellow congresswomen wore in tribute to the women’s suffragette movement.

Turns out the piece came from well-known Houston jewelry designer Mariquita Masterson.

Pelosi’s daughter bought the $650 “one-of-a-kind recycled red glass necklace” with blue agate beads last year at Masterson’s River Oaks showroom.

Masterson began creating glass jewelry over 30 years ago when she rescued chunks of crystal about to be thrown into a burner by a glass blower.