HOUSTON – If you were driving on I-45 near downtown late Tuesday night, you may have caught a glimpse of a special light show.

The famous “Be Someone” graffiti bridge was lit up by Alex Ramos and Billy Baccam with Input/Output Digital lab.

The artists specialize in projection mapping.

“Be someone is just an iconic piece in Houston. I remember seeing it every time I drive by - it changing and morphing," Ramos said. "Now it’s stretched out on the entire bridge. We thought it’d be an amazing piece to really showcase what Houston’s about."

They brought their temporary work of art to life using a generator, two projectors and a laptop computer.

Ramos says it only took about 30 minutes to set it up.

“Last night, there was no permission. Just like graffiti, we just set up. Like “Be Someone." They didn’t ask someone for permission to paint that on there. Somebody just did it. Now it’s become a permanent staple of Houston.”

The group is doing more displays around town as part of the HUE Mural Festival.

For more information about the art festival happening this week, click here: https://www.huemuralfestival.com/