HOUSTON - Chances are you won’t make it through the day without hearing about Irma, the Category 5 hurricane that is inching closer to Florida.

But as Houston recovers from Hurricane Harvey, one downtown restaurant refuses to let another storm slow down Houston’s spirit.

Family members of Irma Galvan took a classic photo of the restaurant owner and turned it into a meme that has gone viral online.

In the meme, Galvan is posing at the bar of her restaurant with the words, 'This is the only Irma welcome in Houston' written on the top and bottom of the photo.

“All this talk about Irma! Does she come with tamales?” read Brant Stogner from the Facebook page for The Original Irma’s.

“There’s only one Irma,” said Galvan in reference to Hurricane Irma. “There’s only one Irma and Irma is in the warehouse district.”

The landmark restaurant is a part of history, serving up Mexican food for nearly 30 years - and, within the last week, a little laughter too.

“Everybody’s like, Irma! Irma! I don’t want to hear it,” said Galvan.

Customer Brant Stogner, considers the 75-year old Galvan like family.

“Her heart broke that my law firm, which is down the street, took in 12 feet of water. And she came up to me when she saw me and immediately said, 'I was thinking about you,'” said Stogner.

“Because people are hurting. I see it in their faces. It’s broken my heart. But you know what? We’re going to make it. After going through what we went through, I don’t wish anything on anybody,” said Galvan. “We’re praying for Florida.”