HOUSTON — Women who work outside the home are often exhausted and overwhelmed as they try to balance their jobs and families. 

We met some mogul moms in Houston who offered advice for other women. 

Lorie Clements is a consultant who helps companies hone their vision and accomplish their goals.

She says she bet on other people’s startups for years, so with three little girls at home, she decided it was time to bet on herself.

“Moms make fantastic entrepreneurs. If you think about it, they’re already used to multitasking, switch tasking, and balancing conflicting priorities and negotiating. They have all these fantastic skills as business owners, and I see them as an untapped potential,” said Clements, the founder of Springboard Solutions.

Dr. Juliet Breeze is another example of that. She’s the medical director and CEO of Next Level Urgent Care.

“As a mother, you have a unique perspective. Use your “mom-ness” to make a better business. I learned really quickly that having four children with me in a waiting room is just about the worst experience you can have, so I developed an app where a mom can put themselves in line and come in only when their exam room is ready,” said Breeze.

Next Level Urgent Care now has 15 Houston area locations.

“Balance is like a unicorn. I don’t really think I balance it. What I do is prioritize. Sometimes I need to be all in for my family. Sometimes I need to be all in for work. I just figure it out along the way,” said Dr. Breeze.

Clements says it is also important for "momtrepreneurs" to have a support system and a clear plan - with a backup plan for backup plan.

“As opposed to finding all the reasons why you can’t start a business, focus on the reasons you can. Think about betting on yourself. If you’re a hard worker and a go-getter, why not be a hard worker and go-getter for your own business?” said Clements.