At a Varnett charter school in Houston, Eddie Brown is teaching sixth graders about the different forms of energy.

The kids love him in the classroom – but, by all accounts, Eddie is even more effective in the teacher’s lounge where he demonstrates the power of laughter.

Eddie is always making fun of his frustrations – always finding humor in the tortures of the job. And his audience can clearly relate.

“’Oh, you feel that way too? Ah, I’m not crazy!’ I already knew my immediate circle of teachers went through it," Eddie said. "But I didn’t know that this transcended districts and states – countries.”

Eddie discovered that reach quite by accident. About a year ago he posted a video on his Facebook page and called it, “What Teacher’s Really Say.”

That video went viral – as did his next.

And now, 60 videos later, that ordinary science teacher from Houston – is an icon among educators. Selling-out his “Teacher’s Only” comedy tour across the country.

Imagine Elvis with a master’s degree performing a whole set about mandatory staff meetings.

“What did you tap into?” CBS correspondent Steve Hartman asked him.

“The truth. This is what they want to say – and don’t say,” Eddie explained. “First of all, we don’t get paid enough. I can’t stress that enough. And it’s not being able to teach how you want to teach.”

And in that sense there’s nothing funny about his comedy.

There’s this underlying theme to each joke -- that teachers are fed up with being micromanaged and would like to be trusted again. In fact, at the end of each concert, Eddie is as serious as a detention.

And that’s how this one man came to speak for an occupation.