July 13, or "713 Day," is the unofficial holiday to celebrate the Bayou City.

It’s the bayous and the ball parks. The barbecue and the bravery. But it’s just three little numbers that brings it all together.

The "713" area code had been around a long time. It officially came online January 1, 1947, as one of the first area codes to be created.

Inside city limits and on social media, it’s easy to spot the love for the space city.

So we headed out west to Katy to see if they felt the same.

“Houston is the best city in the world," James Turner said.

The answer?

“Everybody is nice, friendly, gets along with everybody," Ronnie Stuart said.


“It’s hot. There’s a lot of traffic, but there’s always something to do," Brandi Taylor said.

"713" is not just a city.

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“The hurricane was a perfect example right? Everybody banded together, came to it, then we won the World Series. It was the best year ever," Turner said.

“There’s great stuff to do, and there's a lot of good sports to play," Wyatt Taylor said.

It’s not just a number.

“There’s so many activities to do, there’s places to eat, things for the kids. It’s a family oriented place," Brandi Taylor said.

It’s a family.

“It’s like any other town. We’re made up as a community, but everybody as a whole is Houston," Stuart said.

“It is kind of crowded, but it is a good place and a lot of people want to live here," Abigail Taylor said.

It's a home you may never want to leave.

“You should just celebrate the Houston culture. It’s the best city in the world," Turner said.