For decades it's been one of the go to places for costumes in Houston, but soon it will be closing
it's doors for good.

Frankel's Costume is an institution in this city, but they've announced on their website this is their final Halloween because the owners are retiring.

"I just found out like 5 seconds ago and I'm really upset,” said a customer.

The store will close at the end of the year. Its owners, Lonnie and Terrie Frankel are selling the property to a Houston developer.

Since 1950, three generations of Frankel's have turned this into a huge business. The property takes up an entire city block.

"We're doing it with dignity, style, and entertainment, and we want everyone to come celebrate with us in the next 2 months,” said Terrie.

Customers have until Dec. 27 before this warehouse of dreams and masquerades is no more.