LA PORTE, Texas - One local firefighter walked on a treadmill for 24 hours straight to raise money for children of fallen firefighters and first responders in Texas.

Tony Constanzo, a La Porte Firefighter, spent 24 hours in heavy gear this weekend, walking for a good cause.

"October is Fire Prevention Month, so that's the reason for this time of year for us, Footsteps for the Fallen, to honor our fallen." said Constanzo. "Every October I try to do something out of normal."

The 32-year veteran walked on a treadmill at the La Porte Recreation and Fitness Center from 12 p.m. Friday until noon on Saturday.

The first treadmill Constanzo started on burned out after 16 and a half hours, so he finished the walk on a second one.

Last year, he walked 439 miles in 11 days for the same cause.

Solidarity poured in through social media and when Constanzo needed a bathroom break, employees at the gym paused the clock until he could jump back on the treadmill.

Constanzo runs a non-profit called Footsteps for the Fallen. Donations cover scholarships for the children of fallen firefighters and EMS first responders.

After the long walk, Constanzo finally took a seat and enjoyed a good meal, a Whataburger with cheese.