Fishing and football are typical topics of conversation in Texas. For one Houstonian, it happened on a charter boat during vacation.

That simple small talk in Jamaica turned into a mission to return a lost college ring.

"My company, Sports Monkey, we do a summer trip every year, and this year just happened to be to Jamaica,” said Corey Johnston, owner of Sports Monkey.

A conversation on vacation turned into quite the find.

"We were fishing, and we were on our way back and just started talking about football in general, and somehow, Texas A&M came up," he told KHOU 11 News.

Then came a surprise. The deckhand showed him a ring he found snorkeling.

"I knew right off it was an Aggie ring, and once I could get my hands on it, or find the owner, you know, they would give it back to him,” Johnston said.

He posted it on Facebook.

"It surprised me how quick it was, how much it was shared and liked,” Johnston said.

Sure enough, he found the owner. We talked to him on Skype from California.

"Our entire family is just shocked. We can't even believe we found the ring in general,” said Nathan Edgemon, who lost the ring.

He lost the ring on his honeymoon two years ago, but it had his name engraved. His wife bought him a replacement last Christmas, but just in time for football season, this Aggie grad will have two.

A conversation on vacation turned into quite the find.

"It's very nice and very considerate...very thankful and humble that somebody would reach out,” Edgemon said.

For Johnston, who used to be the mascot for the University of Houston, he knows college pride runs deep.

"Growing up as an Aggie or in an Aggie family, I know their traditions and what it means to them,” Johnston said.

The couple in California told KHOU 11 News they just got they just got the shipping confirmation, and they're happy to hear the ring is now on its way back home, all thanks to the generosity of a Houstonian.