HOUSTON — One Texas mother couldn't contain her excitement at her daughter's commencement ceremony on Mother's Day and the sweet moment was captured on video.

Valeria Hinojosa, 21, graduated from University of Houston on Sunday in a ceremony that was originally planned for Friday. It was rescheduled due to flooding from recent storms in the Houston area. 

Valeria was recording during the ceremony and as she was walking, her mother ran up to her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. You can hear Valeria say, "No ma'am!" and her mother says, "Yes ma'am!"

The moment happened at the end of the ceremony and Valeria said her mom ran past security but they didn't mind, considering the occasion.

Valeria shared the cute video on Twitter and as of Wednesday evening, it had 2.64 million views.

"She was always one of the most recognizable voices in the stands at soccer games. She’s just always been a very involved parent and definitely our biggest supporter," Valeria said.

The family is from Bedford, Texas. Valeria said she received a Bachelors in Psychology and plans to become a paramedic. 

Valeria said her mom has a reputation for being very "exuberant" at she and her brother's events. 

"I guess she was just overwhelmed and ran up to congratulate (me)." Valeria said.