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A tiny robot gives 10-minute manicures for under $10 in Dallas and Fort Worth

It's a fully autonomous robot that uses 3D cameras to take a picture of each nail, then uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately paint them.

SAN ANTONIO — For some people, a trip to the nail salon is an ideal way to relax and pamper themselves. But if you're short on time and money, there's another option from California that recently popped up in Texas.

It's called the Clockwork "Mini-cure." It's a fully autonomous robot that uses 3D cameras to take a picture of each nail. Then, it uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately paint them.

Clockwork Chief Marketing Officer Mara McCune said this tiny robot can paint your nails in just 10 minutes for under $10.

“And the second that that robot starts painting your nails? It is just a wow moment," McCune said. "It is incredible to see this technology really revolutionizing the beauty space."

According to Clockwork's website, the average woman spends 3,120 minutes a year on her nails. McCune said this device is meant to save you time and money.

“We are creating new occasions for people to give themselves the gift of time," McCune said. "It's a little luxury that fits into your day. It's 10 minutes, just under $10 and you can treat yourself and then love having your nails done for the next week.”

McCune said they're not trying to compete with regular nail salons. Their service is offered as more of an alternative.

“There is a huge demand for people who still want to go to the salon, get pampered, get their nails shaped and filed and cuticles push back, and that there's a role for that," McCune said. "And we think we can live alongside them for a fast manicure. That is a different experience. And so we see us partnering with nail salons and really being able to live simultaneously."

To get your Clockwork "Mini-cure," You just book and pay online before showing up. Right now, Clockwork can be found inside several Target stores in California and Minnesota. In May, Clockwork made it to Target stores in Texas. There's currently one machine in Dallas and two in Fort Worth.

Clockwork is still fairly new. It launched its first pop-up in 2021. Now McCune's team is focused on establishing more permanent locations.

“Our Texas fans are loving the experience and we're seeing them come back multiple times,” McCune said. “And so as we set out to revolutionize Express Beauty, we're excited to explore a variety of different formats and locations. And yes, we hope to be in San Antonio soon.”

She said while they have eyes on San Antonio, you can tell them you want to see Clockwork here too at https://www.likeclockwork.com/neighborhood.

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