The Harvey Weinstein scandal is still unfolding.

On Monday, The New Yorker reported Weinstein hired an "army of spies" to dig up information on potential vocal accusers and journalists investigating stories on his alleged decades of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

The same night, The Television Academy voted to permanently ban Weinstein from its ranks during a meeting of its board of governors.

The latest developments as they happen:

Asia Argento, Rose McGowan speak up about 'New Yorker' investigation

Argento, an Italian actress and vocal accuser of Weinstein, who she alleges raped herin 1997, is speaking up again — this time, reacting to latest revelations from The New Yorker.

In a tweet posted Tuesday, she confirms information found in the investigation, saying it was part of the reason herself and other accusers didn't speak up sooner.

"Why didn't I, (Rose McGowan), (Rosanna Arquette), (Annabella Sciorra) spoke up earlier?" she writes. "We were followed by ex-Mossad agents. Isn't that terrifying? Very."

Journalist Ronan Farrow, who also wrote the original New Yorker story, said Weinstein utilized Kroll, one of the world’s largest corporate-intelligence companies, and Black Cube, an enterprise run largely by former officers of Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, to suppress allegations made by women such as Argento.

After the story was published, Farrow noted on Twitter that it was the "craziest story I’ve ever reported, and a rare professional experience that made me fear for my safety (even including time in Afghanistan)."

New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor, who co-wrote the newspaper's original Weinstein exposé, shared a troubling takeaway from the investigation.

"The most chilling detail about 'Diana Filip,' the Harvey spy who tried to trick me, Rose and Ronan: She posed as a women's rights advocate," she tweeted Tuesday.

According to Farrow, Filip was the alias used by a former Israeli Defense Forces officer and Black Cube investigator who posed as an investor and women's rights advocate to get close to accuser Rose McGowan, offering her a paid speaking engagement and money for her production company. In actuality, Filip was collecting information on her for Weinstein.

He shared a photo of the Eastern European-born woman with McGowan, who confirmed she was the same person she knew as Filip.

"And you thought investigative journalism was dead," McGowan tweeted Tuesday. "No. This is the crescendo in the aria. Ronan, Farrow, your words will line the halls of justice."

She added a NSFW message for Weinstein: "Here is my official statement: Check (expletive) mate, pigface."