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Video: Cardi B sings 'Como la Flor' backstage after RodeoHouston performance

Cardi B set a rodeo attendance record, beating Garth Brooks by just three people.

HOUSTON — After performing for a record breaking crowd at the Houston Rodeo Friday, Cardi B gave us a little taste of why she calls herself the ‘Trap Selena’.

Backstage after the concert, the Grammy winning rapper recorded a video for her Instagram next to a Selena poster and told us the Queen of Tejano inspired her look in her new music video “Please Me” with Bruno Mars. She then ended the video singing one of Selena’s greatest hits, “Como la Flor.”

“I was maaaaa hype to see this picture before I got in my dressing room cause out of all her outfirs there’s a picture hanging on the wall of the outfit I got my inspiratioin from for Please Me music video. It was like a lucky sign,” Cardi B wrote on her Instagram page.

The “I Like It Like That” rapper performed for the biggest paid rodeo/concert crowd ever, and she did it while sick.

“I had such a bad migraine, I had to get a doctor backstage to give me two shots and ain’t rehearsed cause I been working all week and ain’t really know what I was getting myself into until I got in the venue,” she wrote.”

Cardi beat previous record holder Garth Brooks by just three people.


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