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What you need to know about "pet custody" in Texas

Attorneys Shannon Boudreaux and Kevin Hunter discuss how courts decide who keeps the pet if there is a split

HOUSTON — If you have been through a divorce or separation, custody of the kids can be a tough battle.  What about your four-legged friend?  Our pets are an extension of our families, but what happens if there is a break up in the relationship? 

Attorneys Shannon Boudreaux and Kevin Hunter from Boudreaux Hunter & Associates, LLC, talked with Deborah Duncan about what you need to know. In Texas, child custody laws do not apply to pets.  In a divorce, pets are considered like other property.   Courts look at a variety of factors in determining who will keep the pet, including who purchased the pet, who takes care of the pet and meets the pet's daily needs, and work/travel schedule of each person.  

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