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Urban Enrichment Institute

Charles Savage, Executive Director of Urban Enrichment Institute, is empowering young men to become productive members of their community.

HOUSTON — From the March closure of schools through early June, UEI staff, through their partnership with Target Hunger, helped to deliver essential food to the homes of more than 80 male youth and their families. Food distribution and delivery by UEI staff will resume this fall targeting more than 125 boys and families. 

UEI provided Chromebooks and with the aid of community partner Comcast, provided IT access youths' residences to support the remote, distance learning activities of the piloted summer program. This school-year, UEI will continue providing equipment and instructional support to youth whose homes lack the resources to successfully sustain them through the school district's new virtual learning platform.

To learn more, click the resources below:

- Website: ueinstitute.org 

- Phone: 713-229-8353

Urban Enrichment Institute

4014 Market Street

Suite W145

Houston, TX 77020