HOUSTON — When it comes to your health, you often hear, "you better know your numbers."  Dr. Jonny Bowden says the numbers aren't telling the whole story, and your idea of fixing it can cause more harm than good.  

He explains that half of the people who develop heart disease have regular cholesterol numbers.  So high cholesterol isn't a perfect predictor of heart disease.  

Dr. Bowden also says that men over 40 need an oil change.  Get rid of the unhealthy oils you use for cooking such as canola or vegetable oil and start using more extra virgin olive oil.  

Lastly, men need to take advantage of the more affordable and easy to access exercise in the world: walking.  

Click on the video above to hear more from Dr. Bowden.  To get a copy of one of his best selling books, visit jonnybowden.com.