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Top 5 organizing hacks under $20

Helen Austen from Organized By Helen shared easy ways to get started to a more organized life

HOUSTON — Getting organized is a goal many people strive for.  There can be some underlying issues that stop us from being as organized as we'd like to be. Having a system helps you save time, money, and can relieve stress. Professional organizer, Helen Austen from Organized By Helen, showed us some easy ways to get started. 

First, Austen says everything needs a home or a place it goes when it's not in use.  When it has a home, it removes the need to make a decision as to where the item should go.  Always having to make a decision exhausts willpower.  Once you decide on a home for the item, the decision eventually becomes habit.  Austen showed us ways of using containers and bins of various shapes and sizes, along with drawer organizers.

Next, Helen Austen says to think vertical, and use your wall and decor space wisely.  It's a way to maximize your space.  Consider using over the door shoe organizers for accessories, pantry items, wrapping paper, etc.  Another trick is to use 3M Command hooks, which are inexpensive and don't damage walls. You can use these for accessories and hats.

Another great tip Austen shared was to label everything.  This reminds you of where items belong, and it also tells others who use that space where to find and return things.

Have a landing place for items that need to leave the house.  Keep a donation bin or basket in your exit area, garage, or closet so you can make a quick decision on items you no longer use or need.  

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