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The Menninger Clinic offers various treatment options for mental health issues

Meghan Quick struggled with bipolar disorder for years before finding the right help at The Menninger Clinic.

HOUSTON — The Menninger Clinic was founded in 1919 in Topeka, Kansas with a vision to create "A Better Kind of Medicine and a Better Kind of World."  It became one of the top 3 psychiatric hospitals and moved to Houston in 2003.

Their research advances mental health care and train for the future with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and psychiatric nurses.

Dr. Jon Stevens, MD, MPH works at The Menninger Clinic and has been a part of the wellness process of Meghan Quick, who has been living with Bipolar Disorder.  After suffering through panic attacks, improper medication prescriptions and life tragedy, she was able to find the best balance of therapy and medications.  Along with the support of her parents, who also attend monthly therapy sessions to learn how to better communicate with her, Meghan has made strides in her mental health and owes so much to The Menninger Clinic.

For more information, give them a call at (713) 275-5400, or log on to MenningerClinic.com.

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