HOUSTON — One of the biggest health concerns making headlines is the impact of e-cigarettes and vaping. 

Over the weekend,  3 more people have died in connection to vaping.

While many smokers tout this new trend,  as the best way to stop "smoking," health officials are discovering some serious problems.

Just last week, the CDC issued stating they are investigating nearly 450 cases in 33 states of severe lung illnesses among those who vape.

Although a cause has not been identified, the cases involve vaping. According to the CDC, this is especially concerning for teens and young adults as there has been a 78% increase in high-school students using e-cigarettes since 2017. In Texas, 19% of high school students report being e-cigarette users, according to the DSHS. 

Due to those numbers, the Texas Medical Association and Harris County Medical Society successfully convinced the state legislature to increase the minimum age to buy tobacco and vaping products to 21 years old. They say, "It as extremely important because research shows that 95% of smokers become addicted to tobacco before that age."

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