HOUSTON — In this week's Tech Corner, Powered by XFINITY, Great Day welcomed back The High-Tech Texan and discussed Deborah's current annoyance: The missing photo editor app after the latest Samsung Galaxy Note update. Afterward, "The High-Tech Texan" introduced us to 4 cool items. The Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp has a LED screen that displays time, date, and temp, and it features 2 USB ports for charging, as well as a built-in dock for any phone. The Benjilock is a great padlock that can unlock/lock using your fingerprint. You can store up to 10 fingerprints and the battery lasts from 6 months to a year. The HP Tango Printer is their latest printer made for today's wireless world. You can print from anywhere from any device wirelessly, and you can also scan and copy via a mobile app and send straight to the printer to be printed! Lastly, the Gekkostick is a flexible and functional selfie-stick so you can take pictures and videos from any angle, anywhere! It also comes with a Bluetooth-remote, so you can take pictures away from the camera. 

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