HOUSTON — Fifty years ago, this month, an incident at the Stonewall Inn in New York City sparked a movement of gay rights.  At a time when being gay was a crime, police would routinely raid certain establishments.  When they entered the Stonewall Inn, the police quickly lost control.  Riots and protests broke out in the streets.  This new movement for gay rights was firmly established.

Houston was actually 16 years ahead in the fight for gay rights, with the formation of The Diana Foundation.  The group is celebrating its 65th anniversary with a new book.

Brandon Wolf, John Heinzerling and Tanner Williams talked with Deborah Duncan about how The Diana Foundation got started and how the group has evolved into a nonprofit organization.

To read and download The Diana Foundation: 65 Years of History at DianaHistoryBook.com.  

For more information on The Diana Foundation, log on to TheDianaFoundation.org.