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The benefits of HIIT training

Cristina Kooker shows how 20 to 30 seconds spurts of exercise can help you get stronger and leaner and most importantly... keep you from getting bored.

HOUSTON — Elevate Strength integrates a blend of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with low impact exercise and caters to every individual by offering group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training. Elevate Strength is a one-stop shop for fitness as their philosophy encompasses all things related to fitness including nutrition, flexibility, and exercise! 

The Elevate Strength concept offers an effective and efficient workout in a fun, community environment and desires to eliminate all of the reasons that routines don't stick and keep people from achieving their fitness goals, such as limited time and the need for guidance. 

The importance of strength training: 

It is responsible for a number of benefits including building muscle, increasing bone density, increasing metabolism and confidence.  As we age, our bone density starts to decrease. By the age of 30, our body starts to go into a state of atrophy where we lose muscle mass and bone density. It is a very gradual process but it compounds over time. So, strength-training is almost like slowing down the clock.  A common misconception about strength training, especially within the female demographic, is the results wield a bulky, undesirable physique – this is not true.  Strength training will give you a leaner and more toned physique, and it is actually your nutrition when combined with weight training that attributes to that bulkier look. 

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