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Tele-what?! Unique services you can do online

Jennifer Jolly shares the latest virtual services Americans are taking advantage of

HOUSTON — Due to the coronavirus and sheltering in place, we haven't been able to do everything in person that need to get done, like regular doctor visits, getting your car fixed, summer camp for kids.  Now, many of these services are available online.

Tech-life expert Jennifer Jolly shared some of the latest things you can get done virtually.

Tele-health visits have been around for over ten years, but now they are going mainstream.  There's been a 500% - 800% uptick in traffic across most tele-health sites since the pandemic began.  Doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and therapists are all available via text, phone or by video chat.

Some surprising services have also gone virtual, including auto and boat repair, DIY appliance repair, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians and antique appraisers. The website JustAnswer.com has over 12,000 experts in more than 700 different categories.  Just log in, type your question and within a few minutes, you're chatting with a highly-vetted expert.  It costs about $5 to join and $40 a month to ask unlimited questions.  

Virtual babysitting is another trending service online. SitterCity.com can provide a trained, vetted babysitter engage with your kids.  The sitter can help kids with schoolwork or play an interactive game.  

Summer camps have also gone virtual.  Trackers Earth, an Oregon-based outdoor adventure camp, is offering small-group interactive webinars through their Trackers Spark program. The courses are tailored to kids ages 4 to 14 and they offer everything from outdoor safety and survival to arts and crafts.  There's even role-playing and light-hearted "secret agent" training.  Most online camps are 30 minutes to an hour in length and are $5 - $25 for a single class.  Parents can get discounts if you buy classes as a series.  

If your hair is overgrown, try out the website "You Probably Need a Haircut".  This lets you book a video call with a professional hairstylist or barber for $18.  Then, the stylist coaches you, a family member or friend through the hair-cutting process.

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