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Tech Corner 05.14.19

JJ Zavalla discusses latest tech trends with Deborah Duncan

HOUSTON — Having a hard time diagnosing your car? If you have a Tesla, you may not have to worry. A new feature now allows the cars to diagnose themselves, and even pre-order parts to a Tesla Service Center if need be.

For more information about the new feature click here.

Other tech topics in Tuesday's segment included Uber's new pin feature and Delta airlines free Wi-Fi tests as well as Amazon's one day shipping, and Google announcing prototyping their own foldable phone and a new high tech Tamagotchi.

Check out the links to the stories below:

Uber's New Pin Feature

Delta Tests Free in-flight Wi-Fi

Amazon Launches One Day Shipping 

Google Announces Plans to Prototype a Foldable Phone

New Tamagotchi

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