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Tame the frizz with these hair smoothing treatments

Rachel Gower and Rafael Aparicio from The Upper Hand Salon share what you need to know in choosing the best hair smoothing treatment for you

HOUSTON — It's that time in Houston when humidity really kicks in and radically changes how your hair looks.  If frizz is what happens the minute you walk outside, a hair smoothing treatment may be the answer for you.  

Rachel Gower, owner of The Upper Hand Salon, and hair stylist Rafael Aparicio, discussed some of the different options and how to pick the right one for you.

A Keratin treatment is best for thick, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair and lasts about three months.   An express version of the Keratin treatment is great for a "first timer" to make sure you like the results.  The results of the express treatment lasts about six weeks.  

The Brazilian Blowout can be used on all hair types and lasts about three months.  The Brazilian Blowout Express lasts about one month.

For more information on these hair smoothing treatments, make your appointment with The Upper Hand Salon today.

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