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Steve Greenberg's Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday gift ideas for every member of the family!

HOUSTON — "Gadget Guy" Steve Greenberg stopped by Great Day Houston with his top picks for the holidays. To learn more about Steve, click here

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For more information on the products featured, click below: 

Flappy Ugly Christmas Sweater — Why wear the same ugly Christmas sweater this year to your ugly sweater party, when you can upgrade to the Flappy Ugly Christmas Sweater! Flappy Sweaters are available now, here. Each design retails for $59.99.

Chantilly Lane Dancing Santa Hat $24 

hand2mind's Moving Creations with K'Nex — Learn to apply STEM principles just like an engineer! This includes a 98 pg. book with a storage box attached. $39.99. Moving Creations can be purchased on Amazon or the hand2mind website

Rizmo — Rizmo, whose name comes from "Rhythm Monster," is ready to play immediately out of the box. Over time, as kids interact, cuddle, sing and play with Rizmo, they'll experience its magical evolution – growing and evolving from adorable baby to playful kid and, ultimately, to the fun, music-loving Rizmo. Rizmo's retail price is $59.99 and is available at Target, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and others. For more information, click here

Pelican Go G40 Charge Case — The Pelican Go™ G40 Charge Case is the world's first personal utility case with QI-Certified wireless charging.   This case will protect your phone from water, dust, snow, or dirt and will charge it simultaneously.  It is available for $99.95 on the Pelican website.

Cinemood 360 — defines a new standard for "VR-like," safe, active screen time that fuels kids' learning with educational content and access to popular streaming entertainment for the whole family. CINEMOOD 360 will be available to ship in December 2019 for $499.00 on Amazon and the CINEMOOD website

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect — has integrated scales enabling you to accurately weigh out the right amount of food for your pet. Used with the Sure Petcare app, monitor how much, how often and when a pet eats, as well as understanding how much is left in their bowl. To purchase your SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, click here.

K9 Sport Sack — any trip or adventure isn't complete unless your pup can tag along for the ride. Our motto, "No Dog Left Behind" has truly come to life with the addition of two new models. Check them out here

Blushy Lighted Vanity Mirror – This is the beauty station that will change how you do your makeup. Everything you need in one place. It's $49.99 and available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond