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Steps you can take to prevent being a victim of crime

It's one of the leading headlines all across the country, crime, and anyone of us can be a target. How we can be aware and prevent from becoming a victim.

There's been a sharp increase in thefts and it usually happens in places where you're likely to be distracted, handling groceries, buckling kids into car seats or pumping gas.

While Helen Perry was loading her car with groceries, she put her purse on the passenger seat. As soon as she got on the driver's seat, a man opened the passenger door and took her purse. Perry's purse contained her keys, wallet and iPhone. Just 15 minutes later and her credit cards were being used.

Perry has partnered with Crime Stoppers to bring awareness to these types of crimes.

Detective Sergeant Marvin Collins shares tips on how you can prevent from becoming a victim of these crimes.

To anonymously report a crime to Crime Stoppers call 713-222-TIPS.

You can also go to crime-stoppers.org to find resources, podcasts and scheduled events dealing with safety.

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