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Smart toys for smart kids

Innovative Insider Steve Greenberg tells us about the latest Smart Toys for your smart kids!

HOUSTON — "Gadget Nation" Author Steve Greenberg drops by Great Day with great, smart toy ideas for your smart kid in this week's edition of Tech Corner Powered by XFINITY. The first toy is "Professor Maxwells 4D Chef", which won Best Product at Toy Fair NY 2019. You can learn how to make 18 different recipes while learning about what you're making. The "Artie 3000" is another toy he talks about, which is a drawing robot that teaches kids to code. "Dr. Biscuits' Radical Road Trip" is great for road-trips to the store or out-of-state and includes 60 different games. "Squishy Circuits" is a great way to build and make your creations come to life with lights, buzzers, motors, and more! It uses it's insulating "play dough" to teach the basics of electric circuits. Lastly, "Big-A-Bubbles" creates giant bubbles right before your eyes! It comes with 6 different themed gloves. For more information on Steve Greenberg, follow him on social media at @SteveTV, or visit his website at stevegreenberg.tv.