HOUSTON — Chronic pain affects the livelihood of millions of Americans.  If you are tired of taking pain medication to mask this pain or don't want to go through surgery to fix the problem, there is a solution.   

Dr. Suhyun An, director of Campbell Medical Group, helps patients drastically reduce this pain with regenerative medical treatments.  Dr. An is a top cell therapy specialist and has authored the book, "Demystifying Stem Cells".  She travels all over the world in order to bring the best treatments to the Bayou City.  

Dr. An talked with Deborah Duncan about what cell therapy is and the importance of its regenerative properties.  It doesn't just mask your symptoms, it heals the underlying cause.

Cell therapy has helped many patients, including Mariah Sanchez who lived with chronic pain in her back and neck.  After just two and a half months of treatment, she has had astonishing results and no longer has pain running from her neck down her arms.  For Warren Reis, osteoarthritis left him with pain and limited mobility in his shoulder.  The treatment has greatly improved his range of motion in his shoulder and has reduced the pain he feels.  

Cell therapy treatment is considered elective and is not covered by insurance, but Campbell Medical Group offers an affordable payment program.  

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For more on Dr. An's book, "Demystifying Stem Cells", click here

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