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Resetting your body's functionality and metabolism

Take care of that post-Thanksgiving food coma and reset your body with a USDA-certified organic cleanse from Clean Juice. Drink up to 15 pounds of produce with ease.

HOUSTON — Today’s lifestyle is busy and on-the-go, leaving many people with hardly any time to plan their meals. Being too busy to stop and eat a healthy meal sometimes leaves us with no choice but to indulge in food that is fast and convenient, which usually isn’t the healthiest choice. That’s where our cleanses come in.

Clean Juice cold-press juice cleanses give you the quick and convenient solution you need but are packed with nutrition. Following a Clean Juice cleanse is a great way to give your body the attention it needs—fresh, healthy and safe organic ingredients in a convenient juice cleanse program. By following a Clean Juice cleanse, you can give your body some much needed R&R from regular daily exposure to toxins and nutrient-deprived foods.

Cleansing is a safe, easy and healthy way to bring your mind, body and spirit back to life. It’s simple to get started, and you’ll find the benefits are endless the more you explore the world of organic juice cleansing!

They also have an amazing menu full of nutritious deliciousness! Everything from lattes, acai bowls, smoothies, salads, avocado toast (gluten-free options available) and of course freshly-made juices.

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