HOUSTON — Shane Taylor was born premature, but grew into a menacing force standing 6'2'' and weighing over 300 lbs!  Growing up on the East Side of Cleveland, OH, he was raised by a drill sergeant who helped keep him safe from the drugs and violence that plagued his neighborhood.  He started putting on size as he got older and became a varsity sports star in both high school and college, and decided to follow his dream of professional wrestling.  His family loved pro wrestling and used to get together for every pay-per-view to forget their troubles for a few hours and enjoy the entertainment.

He debuted in Ring of Honor in 2016, after beginning his training in 2007, and has wrestled all over the world, including Canada, Mexico and the U.K.  Ring of Honor will be celebrating their 17th year anniversary this Friday, March 15 at a pay-per-view from Las Vegas.  There he will be facing Jeff Cobb in a rematch for the Television Title.

He'll also be a part of the card April 6 at Madison Square Garden when Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling hold the G-1 Super Card.  The show was a quick sell-out and they're ready to make history!