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Poppin' bottles: wine and hip-hop pairings that flow

Jermaine Stone had Cru Luv for Great Day Houston with these wines that pair with hip-hop songs

HOUSTON — Jermaine Stone, host of the "Original Wine & Hip-Hop Podcast", grew up in the Bronx, New York, and hip-hop was the soundtrack of his life.  He fell in love with wine after working his way hip in the wine auction industry.  Now, Stone owns Cru Luv, a creative agency that blends wine and hip hop.  He hosts events and features wine and hip hop influencers on the "Original Wine & Hip-Hop Podcast".

Stone paired some wine and hip-hop just for us at "Great Day Houston".

Pairing #1: Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio Vigneti Delle Dolomiti, paired with "Guess Who's Back" by Scarface featuring Jay-Z & Beanie Siegel.

Tiefenbrunner is a highly regarded wine producer in Italy and the vineyards are built on castle grounds, so Stone wanted to pair this wine with hip-hop royalty.  He said these artists can get into heavy stuff in their other music, but on this song, the bars are light and playful.  It reminds us of the wine's youthfulness.  This wine is 100% pinot grigio and has aromas of citrus, white blossoms, pears, apples and meadow grass.  This wine is great for a backyard BBQ.  You can buy Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio at Specs and Central Market.  


Pairing #2: Borsao Garnacha Tres Picos Campo de Borja, paired with "Wanna Be A Baller" by Lil Troy

Borsao is the leading producer of Garnacha in Spain, so Stone paired this wine with H-Town's leading underground producer of the 90's, Bruce "Grim" Rhodes.  The track has a dark, murkey nature and feels like it's constantly building.  It reminds Stone of the intense cherry red color of the wine and combines well with the round, smooth and rich notes.  Stone says this is the perfect wine for an environment with a laid-back vibe.  He loves it for a bosses meeting, paired with hearty meals like shepherd's pie and lasagna.  Pick up a bottle of Tres Picos at Specs and Kroger.

Pairing #3: Licataa, paired with Wu-Tang Clan

This sparkling red lambrusco from Italy was created by Raekwon the Chef from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.  The wine is produced by Cantine Ceci, a fourth generation family-owned winery.  The wine is a true expression of the artist who created it, Raekwon went to Italy, designed the bottle and helped create the flavor profile.  All of the grapes were hand-selected and each bottle is hand-inspected.  It tastes of bright berry fruit, with notes of violets.  The wine sparkles when you pour it and connects with the vivid imagery of the artist.  It's the same energy RaeKwon puts into his music. Licataa is great on it's own or with cocktails.  Check out Licataa.com for more information and where to pick up this wine.

Listen to Jermaine Stone's "Original Wine & Hip-Hop Podcast" wherever you get your podcasts, and for more information log on to WineAndHipHop.com.

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