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New treatment help patients with sinus issues breathe better

Dr. Raza Pasha explained how the balloon septoplasty, and in-office treatment, helps patients with a deviated septum

HOUSTON — The Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center can help you breathe better, whether you are dealing with sinus issues, allergies, snoring or sleep apnea. 

Dr. Raza Pasha helped relieve Mark Cochrum of his constant sinus infections using the balloon septoplasty.  This is a new technique that treats a deviated nasal septum.  The balloon septoplasty is done in the office and is less invasive than traditional treatment.  There is no general anesthesia used and there are no incisions on the nose.  Plus, there is very little down time.  Patients can return to work or school the same day.

Cochrum says this fully changed his life and he can breathe and sleep so much better after this procedure.  

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