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Neuropathy patient says numbness and pain are gone with advanced treatment

Dr. Bao Thai from Advanced Nerve and Health Center discusses his treatment process that improves quality of life for neuropathy patients

HOUSTON — Do you suffer from nerve pain daily?  If medications are masking the symptoms and not improving your quality of life, there is hope.  A proprietary treatment by Dr. Bao Thai of Advanced Nerve and Health Center is helping patients repair the nerves in the body without surgery or medication.  The treatment is non-invasive and pain-free.

Advanced Nerve and Health Center helped Kim Lue who developed neuropathy after chemotherapy treatments.  Lue had tingling and numbness in her feet and hands. It was so debilitating that she couldn't feel the bottom of her feet and stumbled when she walked.  She tried several medications to help with the pain but was only masking the problem, not addressing the root cause.

After just three months of treatments at Advanced Nerve and Health Center, Lue's condition has greatly improved.  The pain and numbness are gone and she can feel the bottom of her feet again.  

The Advanced Nerve and Health Center has a limited time offer for Great Day Houston viewers.  For $39, the first 17 callers will get an in-office consultation, a copy of Dr. Thai's "Healthy Diet to Heal Nerve Pain" book, and a diagnostic nerve test to see if they can help.  This is a $399 value.

Call Advanced Nerve and Health Center now at 832-626-1260.

Advanced Nerve and Health Center is located at 8558 Katy Freeway, Suite 116, Houston, TX  77024.

For more information, log on to NerveAndHealth.com.

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