Image Enhancement Center is a full-service med spa, offering body & skin treatments and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.  One popular combination when diet and exercise fail to give the perfect results is SmartLipo, which is body contouring, using a laser to liquefy fat and then having it gently suctioned out, and then Trusculpt, which is non-surgical and uses radio frequency heat to disrupt and dissolve fat cells that naturally leave the body over the course of a few weeks.  Dr. James Kern, Medical Director of Image Enhancement Center, prefers this method over other procedures that ‘freeze’ the skin.

Trusculpt is not about weight loss, but about losing inches and feeling more toned.  It helps to tighten the skin, stimulating collagen and helping reduce cellulite.  The treatment is done quickly, averaging about 15-30 minutes, with no pain and zero downtime.  The precision targeting of fat and can be done on multiple body areas.

Image Enhancement Center has a special offer for Great Day viewers…receive 50 percent off when you book your Trusculpt procedure by mentioning “Great Day Houston.”  Call now for a free consultation (713) 77-IMAGE or (713) 774-6243.  For more information, log on to