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How to tell if your child is struggling with Dyslexia

The Neuhaus Education Center is dedicated in promoting literacy success for all

HOUSTON — A new school year is about to begin, and parents with young students should on the lookout for a learning disorder that affects millions. 

Tom Cruise, Cher, and Steven Spielberg have all spoken about their struggles with Dyslexia. Although they've not been officially diagnosed, it's believed that Albert Einstein and George Washington were also dyslexic. Proving you can still be successful in life but getting it isn't always easy. 

Actor Henry Winkler, who's known for portraying the "Fonz" in "Happy Days", struggled throughout childhood with the learning disorder. His own parents thought he wasn't trying hard enough in school and often referred to him as "dummer hund" which translates to "dumb dog" in German. Today, Winkler is a bestselling author behind the "Hank Zipzer" series of children's books, which follow the adventures of a dyslexic child.

By addressing learning disorders early, kids can overcome the major stumbling blocks and learn to read. Even for adults, there is help available.

Dr. Tracy White Weeden and Lara Speights joined Great Day Houston to discuss the resources available at Neuhaus Education Center.

The Neuhaus Education Center was founded in 1980 by parents and teachers who wanted appropriate instruction for dyslexic students. Neuhaus offers online programming, on-site courses, and adult programming, in addition to referrals to Dyslexia Therapists. 

Their Speaker Series features industry experts and thought leaders who are dedicated to promoting reading success for all.  

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, and Neuhaus has a variety of events planned, including a Virtual Dyslexia Simulation.

For more information on the Neuhaus Education Center, visit their website or call 713-664-7676. 

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