Americans love wine. In fact, we are drinking 40% more wine than we did in 1993. How do you find out what wine you like? Host a tasting party!

Ryan Levy, Sommelier and Owner of Nice Winery, shows us how to help your get together hit all the right notes.

Choose a Theme:

- Focus On Varietal: Sample Cabernet Sauvignon from 6 different countries or Pinot Noir from 6 different climates.

- Blind Tasting: Cover bottles with bags and have fun guessing grape varietal

- Focus On Winemaker: Select six wines from one winemaker

Pair your wine with cheese

- Stay away from anything sweet or spicy that might clash with wines

Be sure to have enough glasses for everyone

For example, use nice all-purpose 20 oz. Bordeaux style glass. Guests can rinse between wines so you don't need 100 glasses

Avoid strong aromas

Do not put out any strong smelling flowers and ask guests to not wear strong perfume. It may make it hard to smell wines.

Nice Winery partnered with Periwinkle Foundation, which hosts camps, art and survivor programs for children affected by cancer. A new vintage was developed, 2015 Petite Sirah From St. Helena In Napa Valley, and features label art by 7-year-old Keesha. 30% from every bottle sold benefits Camp Periwinkle.

Nice Winery Wine Release Party

- Thursday, May 25, 2017

- 6pm - 8pm

- Nice Winery at 2901 West Sam Houston Parkway North

- Tickets: $35 per person, with $10 of each ticket going to Periwinkle Foundation.

Nice Winery Winetasting Party Kit

Each kit includes 6 of Nice Winery's best selling and award-winning wines, tasting notes to make discussion easy, cheese pairing suggestions for each wine, a waiter's corkscrew to open the bottles, and score cards for your guests to compare tasting notes and rank their favorite wines.

The wines included in the party kit are:

- Nice Winery 2015 Sauvignon Blanc

- Nice Winery 2016 Wildcat Chardonnay

- Nice Winery 2011 Malbec Reserve

- Nice Winery 2014 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir

- Nice Winery 2012 Testamento Cabernet Sauvignon

- Nice Winery 2015 Periwinkle Petite Sirah

Nice Winery is offering $20 off their Winetasting Party Kit. Use promo code "GREATDAY". To order, log on to