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Healthy snacks for summer

Registered dietitian, Amy Goodson, shared some easy, healthy snacks.

HOUSTON — Summer's a busy time and many families are on the go, whether it's a road trip, vacation, or the pool.  Snacks are key to keeping you satisfied. Registered dietitian, Amy Goodson, shared some must-have snacks that are guaranteed to be better for you and taste better too. 

POM Punch is made with POM Wonderful pomegranate juice, orange juice and soda water.  One 8-ounce bottle equals the juice of two whole pomegranates.  It has no added sugar, no preservatives and no fillers.

For this recipe and more on POM Wonderful follow them on Facebook at @PomWonderful  and on Instagram at @PomWonderful.

Bob's Better Bars are made with whole grain oats, peanut butter and organic honey.  They come in five varieties and are great to stash in the office, a lunch box, or purse. 

For more on Bob's Better Bars, log on to BobsRedMill.com.  

Chicken of the Sea Infusions are an easy way to get protein in your diet, each serving contains 20-25 grams.  There are four delicious flavors: Basil, Thai Chili, Lemon and Thyme, and Sun-Dried Tomato.   

Chicken of the Sea products are available at Kroger.  For more information on Chicken of the Sea Influsions, log on to ChickenOfTheSea.com.  

Halo Top ice cream is now available on a stick, Halo Top Pops.  They are only 50-60 calories per pop, with 7-10 grams of protein per serving.  Halo Top Pops are perfect for summer.  Find them in the freezer aisle of your grocery store.  

For more on Halo Top Pops, log on to HaloTop.com

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