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Gray hair go away, or let the silver stay

How to manage your gray hair.

HOUSTON — Gray hair is a fact of life. Whether you cover it, or embrace it, The Upper Hand Salon can help.

Rachel Gower, owner of The Upper Hand salon, and hairstylist Raphael Aparicio, showed Deborah Duncan some ways to get control over your gray. 


Annalisa is 30-40 percent gray. She wants to cover it, but isn't ready for permanent color. Goldwell Cover Plus is a great option because it completely covers the gray without ammonia. Cover Plus is good for anyone who is 75% gray or less. Maintain the vibrancy of your color with the Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.

Samantha is about 10 percent gray, but has some extra gray around her face.  Aparicio used her graying pattern and baby lights to blend Samantha's gray away. The overall look is natural dark blonde and when her gray grows out, it will be naturally camouflaged. This makes maintenance very easy. For this look, try the Oligio Blacklight Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.

Michelle is 100 percent gray. This requires permanent color if you want no gray. The Upper Hand used Goldwell Top Chic on Michelle. An occasional toner is used on the ends to color balance.  

Pro tip: If you have future plans to embrace your gray or transition lighter in the future, do not use box color at home. It is extremely difficult to lift out of hair and will make any lightening process long and potentially damaging.

One way to touch up your roots in between appointments is a root touch up spray or powder. Two products The Upper Hand recommends are the Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray and the Goldwell Dualsenses Root Retouch Powder.

Heather is 50-75 percent gray and she loves it! A few years ago she got tired of constantly covering her gray. Her hairstylist Aimee Holloway transitioned her hair using baby lights to blend the gray. Over time, they highlighted less and let her hair shine through. Now, it's completely natural and gorgeous. A great product to use is the Oribe Silverati Shampoo and Conditioner. 

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